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happy-man-having-a-phone-call sm                                            WHY WORTH TRYING LIVE SERVICES?

Highly recommended services of a great informativeness in every situation and stage of communication. If you have live communicational contact ( phone/video call) with the woman before coming over and it waspositive, you already have a very high chance to succeed with this woman. Such information is not just words, but proven fact. Agree, this is a great thing - to be sure about your tomorrow.

If you correspond with a woman and have serious intentions, it is recommended to consider phone call communication after sending her 3 letters and getting 3 responses( on condition you see there is a mutual interest and growing communication). After 6 letters sent by you and 6 responses from her we advise to go to another level of communication, and order a video meeting with a woman, to make sure she is motivated and involved in your communication just like you do.

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The greatest advantage of this service is that it always working right for you. How comes? Simple. It saves your time and money every time you use it. On one side, it strongly increases communication between you and your lady, if the mutual interest is there. On the other side, the service easily reveals if the lady is not that motivated about your communication as you are. If you see the response and attitude you don’t like or find shallow, please don’t rush with conclusions and contact our matchmaker first to make sure what a woman’s attitude and response may mean. Be sure- if the lady is not as motivated about you as you are about her, we let you know about it straight away. This way you stop talking to the person whose attitude you don’t accept and may start new search without wasting your emotions, time and money- not to mention most precious life time.


Read about Rules and Regulations of Video Call service here.    

Read about Rules and Regulations of Phone Call service here.             



                                                         Other advantages of  Phone/ Video calls service:

advantage sign sm Most men too lazy to take advantage of this service- be ahead of competitors and show the lady your real interest and seriousness of intentions

advantage sign sm Available with a woman from another dating site, if you cannot be sure she is real and want to find out before making a tour reservation

advantage sign sm You can hear and see her sincerity and dedication to your communication

advantage sign sm Make sure she looks like her photos

advantage sign sm Convenient and direct way to set up some plans before your arrival, to avoid misunderstanding and time loss

advantage sign sm Good for asking questions when you need immediate response without long consideration (such answers are 99% genuine and cannot be pre-arranged)

advantage sign sm This is the real, live personal contact between you and a girl. It is always a happy experience to both sides that stays in memory forever, adding the right setting to your relationships.

look-good-on-video-chat smWe want to underline, at we educate ladies about massive adrantages of real communication, which is the base for relationships. The key here is simple and both ladies and men know it- without personal communication people can exchange only words on paper, which is so poor and emotionally empty. Personal communication eliminates distance between you and gives a feeling of true and not virtual far-distance relationships. This is where the highest value of live services lays.

If the lady does not speak English you will be provided with a professional interpreter free of charge.

If you wish to do more for your future relationships with a girl, ask for a matchmaker’s feedback of your phone/video communication. Our matchmaking expert will provide analysis of your communication and offer recommendations regarding your future communication with the lady. Learn more about this success-oriented service here.



Translated 20 minutes  Video Date  $ 99

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 After you prepay your Video date,  email us lady ID and preferred day and time of communication.

 We contact you within 24 hours after we agree your date and time with lady, for final confirmation and details.

If you have questions regarding  Video Date service, please contact us below and indicate "Video Date" in the subject field.

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