International Dating and Matchmaking agency


Please read 3-ways phone calls regulations and  rules attentively before ordering the service.


1. Standart duration of our phone calls is 30 minutes. If you want to prolong the conversation, please make extra payment.

2. Phone call service is operated in a form of three ways phone conference: you dial the agency phone +380681200300 and we add the lady into the conversation.

3.If you are calling 10 minutes later ( or more)  without prior notice, the call is considered to be performed.

4. If the lady is not available for a call at agreed time, we can settle new time for the call or refund you the money. You should clearly state your will regarding this subject when it becomes obvious we cannot reach the lady.

5. translator will be assiting you during the conversation. If your lady speaks English, translator still stays on the line during your conversation.

6. It is not possible to exchange personal contacts during phone call conversation.

7. Please speak politely with respect during the 3-ways conference. It is not allowed to use foul language or any rude expressions during the conversation. Such practice causes immediate and permanent termination of your account on

8.  If you want to end the phone call earlier then 30 minutes passed, there is not refund for unused time.


Recommendations for the 3-ways phone call.


1. Make sure you are in quiet place for the phone call, to provide excellent sound and availability.

2. Prepare yourself for the phone call: make a list of questions which you want to ask, list of topics you need to discuss, list of things you want to tell her.