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Why thousands of our exceptionally beautiful ladies of model look at age 20-35 y.o. don’t want to be visible and accessible online? These rare diamonds you cannot find in abundance around. Why they are ONLY available per TRULY serious requests?

Deep inside you know the answer. But let us tell you more.


In everyday life, these beautiful creatures are tired of the enormous amount of men everywhere around them always.
Wherever they go and whoever sees them, wants to become acquainted. Sounds crazy huh? These ladies not seeking it! They literally shower in male attention and reject new candidates unless someone authoritative presents themselves in the right way.
These extremely beautiful demanded ladies need someone really good:
...a man who would be of interest for them, and this is the only reason why they work with our matchmaker - because she is giving them what they really want;
Usually it is us and our scouts hunt for these ladies, not vice versa!
They don’t seek participation in marriage agency and work with our matchmaker to avoid a waste of time with multiple wrong candidates;
They don’t believe in virtual online dating
They don’t want to waste time with online romance seekers who simply want to “play” romance and never come over to meet live.
They believe in true love..
They know they deserve the best!
That's who you're looking for, is beautiful not only from the outside, this woman is also perfect inside, which makes her a queen who can easily consider among kings. Affluent successful men from all over the world want such a lady as a partner and are willing to pay for it;.
Such women expect to meet ONE decent man
...and they do not date with multiple visitors, trying luck out: they are not professional daters! They don’t want to be attacked by online daters.

A few examples of ladies from our offline database

Only found here!
Unique quality of girls that can be found ONLY here in Slavic and Eastern EU: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, EEU countries
  • The look type of world most popular ladies is quite Slavic, just as desired traditional qualities
  • Our scouts and reps work with family minded model quality ladies across Slavic countries and Eastern Europe
  • You can find ladies of SUCH beauty and SUCH values ONLY in this part of the world!
We Work with family minded top quality beauties with decent background
  • Not just beautiful women: honest, sincere. No professional daters!
  • Not just beautiful women: honest, sincere. No professional daters!
  • Relevance to each exact request is checked before we suggest a man to consider this woman
  • Background of each lady verified thoroughly
We work with girls whose pictures don't need any improvement
  • Each lady gladly provides selfies and other non-touched picture, they are proud of their natural beauty!
  • These women are fit and take great care of their look with pleasure
  • These women are fit and take great care of their look with pleasure
Confident, non- materialistic women
Exceptional women are usually not materialistic...- they seem to know that nothing but a great future is waiting for them!
  • Such women select men for what they are, NOT what they have
  • Unique ladies you’re looking for are not going to ask for money or gifts
  • These women wait YOU to impress them, not your bank account
Women from FSU and CE
Slavic and EE women ready to create a family and seeking strong candidates
  • We work with ladies from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Moldova, also from Romania and Poland
  • Additionally- rarely Slovak and Czech girls
  • Our model quality ladies work as models or actresses, dancers, artists, as well as lawyers or brands reps
Only family minded girls
Our women are marriage minded, not dating minded
  • They are wanting, ready and fit for family
  • Decide if you are ready to be introduced to women with such intentions!
  • For men seeking fun these ladies are a waste of time
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Jamie 42 y.o. Canada

I don’t have much time to meet ladies myself, I am very busy with my business. My friend told me about Aleksandra’s matchmaking service, and it was important for me that ladies in her database off-line are all beautiful with no magic pics retouch. I wasted much time before, dating ladies in online services, whose real look has nothing to do with pictures on the website. I was very glad to be introduced to candidates who were not only perfectly looking but met my major expectations. Anna was among them, and we are dating now. This Christmas she will introduce me to her family.

Angelo 50 y.o. Italy

Adam and Eva are very helpful if you know what exactly you are looking for. I gave all my criteria and after this long interview they gave me great selection of potential candidates. Not only they look great in real life but what is most important that these women are seeking serious relationships not fun or money. Their service is quite different to what you can meet out there in Ukraine. I communicate with one of the ladies and have high hopes.)