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Romantic weekend getaway

Meet bunch of beautiful ladies in one long weekend!
4 days/ 3 nights tour
  • 1 city
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2,140 USD

Romance week in Ukraine

Get ready for romantic adventures and life-changing meetings!
7 days/ 6 nights tour
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Ukrainian love story

Our bestseller for a secret reason: 75% success rate!
12days/ 11 nights tour
  • Up to 2 cities
  • Higher chances
  • Comfortable schedule of each round of meetings
  • Quality time with the Matchmaker
7,680 USD
High Performance

VIP matchmaking tour

Find your wife with patronage of experienced matchmaker!
15 days/ 14 nights tour
  • 3+ cities
  • Full-time personal secretary
  • Enough time for serious things
  • Full support from Matchmaker
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Love Stories

Elena and Eugene, 2008, Canada

By the time Elena and Eugene met, she had been with Adam and Eva for about a year - a beautiful woman was very popular among gentlemen and could afford yourself to choose:) Elena talked to different men and was going to start a relationship with a completely different person, but then ... she received a letter from Eugene. Later, Elena joked a lot: “I don’t understand what kind of spell he put on me with his letter. He isn’t my ideal of beauty, and he is not a superman either. I don’t even know why he attracted me so much?” The correspondence began, and Elena discovered in this man an attentive interlocutor, a caring son of his parents and a good friend. Of course, before the meeting, Elena treated Yudzhyn with restraint and said: “While we haven’t seen each other, it’s better not to rush with conclusions. After a date in real life it will be clear if he is the same person as describes himself!” After the first Eugene 's visit to Odessa, it became clear that this was a real couple. Elena and Eugene walked and talked a lot, at the same time planning preparation of paperwork that should be done. By that time, Elena didn’t know English very well, so the couple was helped by a professional interpreter. The documents were processed quickly and successfully, and now Elena lives with her loving husband in Canada. They manage a family hotel, so maybe one day you will visit them there!

Ilona and Rakesh, 2012, UK

This happy couple is a vivid example of the saying “Every bullet has its billet” that means you will never escape your fate. Rakesh is a successful businessman and programmer from the UK. Everything in his life was good, only thing made him unhappy that he couldn’t find his beloved one ... So, he decided to ask for help from matchmaking professionals. Rakesh made extraordinary efforts to adjust to the busy schedule of Ilona’s business and tourist trips. Several times the meeting had to be postponed, and it was difficult to predict whether the gentleman had enough patience to get a chance for a date in Ukraine. But this day came! After the first meeting in Odessa, there was a second, third ... They visited together the Odessa Opera House and Ilona introduced Rakesh to her family. Ilona spoke English fluently and the couple hadn’t any problems with communication. Ilona and Rakesh found out that they enjoy the time spending together and are interesting to each other. Later there were several meetings in Italy and the Czech Republic with romance and such a strong desire to stay together forever!

Inna and Mark, 2014, USA.

Inna met Mark at the moment when she was ready to meet her other half. Before registering at Adam and Eva, Inna was a member of another dating agency for 5 years with no success. But in two months after filling out the questionnaire in Adam and Eva, Inna received a letter from Mark and an active correspondence began. Shortly after the start of communication, Mark decided to visit Inna in Odessa and a meeting was scheduled. Inna carefully treated the man as if she was checking his intentions. Mark, meanwhile, was making plans for the future and bought some new furniture into his house, expecting to bring his nice wife there soon (but he hadn’t made Inna an offer yet!). The second visit to Odessa was two months later. Mark really wanted to take the best woman in the world, who he met in Odessa as his wife. During the second visit to Odessa, Mark and Inna spent nearly three weeks together. They got to know each other much better that time and really understood that they couldn’t live without each other. They met Inna's parents during their third meeting and at the same time Mark made an offer to Inna. By that time, all the walls in Mark’s house were completely hung with Inna’s portraits in beautiful frames.

Elena and Peter, 2015, Denmark

Elena had a huge success among men of all countries, but there was too little time for meeting with them due to long working days, necessity to take care about her grandchildren and an old-aged mother. The children occupied their mother and didn’t give her a chance to pass by - probably they had a premonition that she would leave soon!) Because of the constant employment, meetings with lots of men didn’t take place. However, before the arrival of Peter, Elena prepared as it should be. She said at work that she would not be there for three days and hinted at home that she wouldn’t be counted on that time. Peter in communication by letters seemed thorough and detailed, and at the meeting Elena recognized him as a cheerful, talkative and very cheerful man. After Peter's departure, the correspondence continued. A few months later, Elena and Peter decided to go to Egypt for a week to get to know each other better in neutral territory. This experience was very useful for them and much more informative than the time which they spent together in Odessa. Their relations have become stronger moving to the right direction.)

Alla and Victor, 2013, USA

Alla was not an easy catch- beautiful, sometimes moody, sometimes stubborn)). On New Year Eve, Alla received a huge bouquet of bright - scarlet roses and a card from a pretty stranger from the USA. Active correspondence bloomed very quickly. The couple exchanged very informative letters full of details, and by the end of April Victor was ready to come to Alla for a meeting. The first date took place in one of the best and very cozy Odessa restaurants. Alla didn’t know English, so an interpreter, who helped them with the correspondence, translated on dates too. Thanks to our professional trainings, the interpreter was not noticeable at the meetings, and it was very comfortable the couple talking together. Later, Alla confessed - she felt her man in Victor at the very first moment their eyes met on the first meeting. She saw something that it was impossible to understand in his letters. She heard his voice and learned about the sense of humor, which Victor has the same as Alla's! Victor stayed in Odessa for three weeks, and by the end of the visit the couple began to draw up documents for the bride's visa. Now the couple lives happily in the USA and travels a lot around the world.

Nadya and Bjorn, 2015, Norway

Nadezhda joined Adam and Eva thanks to the recommendation of her neighbor who successfully married to a man from Holland. Being 49 years old, she looked wonderful - a slim, smiling, educated woman with a very popular profession of a child psychologist. It isn’t surprisingly, that she became very popular among foreign men. In order to bring and deliver all the flowers and gifts that men sent for Nadezhda’s birthday anniversary we had to hire a minibus! But the woman was looking for more than just attention - she dreamed of meeting a man with the deep inner world. Nadezhda knew that dreams come true - and soon Bjorn appeared. She liked the Doctor-surgeon from Norway at once, and the correspondence began. After exchanging several letters, Bjorn arrived for a personal acquaintance with Nadezhda. Both Nadezhda and Bjorn didn’t expect that the first date could solve everything! On the second date, Nadezhda risked to go without an interpreter to practice her English and she did not lose! Bjorn especially appreciated her efforts towards mutual understanding, because he knew little Russian and also count only on his knowledge. Instead of the planned week, Bjorn stayed in Ukraine for two weeks. After that Nadezhda decided to delete her profile from the site and to stop communicating with other men, as she had already found her only one. The positive attitude of Nadezhda and her active life position have played a significant role in the searching of her woman’s happiness. So, take an example from her!

Elvira and Edward, 2018, UK

Edward is a lovely gentleman from UK. He came to Aleksandra the Matchmaker with a difficult request: “ You have many wonderful ladies but I want My Woman to be as kind and sincere, soulful as my mother. Please introduce me to such woman”. Matchmaker was sceptical first: who can ever be compared and compete with the mother? it is impossible. But Aleksandra knows her ladies personally very well. And by the day Edward arrived to Odessa, Elvira was already waiting to meet him. The meeting might not happen at all: her daughter was about to born a baby from day to day. But what is meant to happen on Heaven people cannot change.))) Elvira and Edward met, and after this meeting Edward cancelled other introductions and concentrated on Elvira. Looking at this picture of a couple you can see they belong indeed.)))

Anzhela and Gregory, 2018, USA

Gregory, cheerful positive man from USA was tired of dating for nothing, and joined Individual Matchmaking Program with Aleksandra. He was introduced to a couple of ladies before Her, and they were nice… but here Anzhela comes. It was an immediate chemistry. Anzhela with her sparkling personality, beautiful look and amazing smile took away his heart. Both understood it is the start of the love story, and immediately started making pictures, to attach to fiancee visa package.)) Married in November 2018 in USA.

Ekaterina and Hossam, 2017, UAE

Ekaterina and Hossam met in August 2017, in Odessa. Hossam is an architect with wonderful esthetic look, Ekaterina worked as receptionist in the hotel. Hossam was introduced to a couple other ladies when he came to Odessa, but nobody stood close to Ekaterina in his opinion, such sweetheart she was. Ekaterina speaks good English which helped a lot in communication, and no translator was present on their meetings. Hossam returned to Odessa again in January 2018, before that couple intensively communicated by all means. We are very happy for this loving couple!

Angelina and Robert, 2016, USA/Romania

Believe it or not, but these two people registered in the agency the same day. Robert from USA was working in Romania which is very close to Odessa. On May 15th he decided to call Adam and Eva to find out how the process works, and how to proceed. The same day Angelina called and scheduled an appointment in the agency for the interview. Robert had fantastic list of unique ladies to meet in Odessa. We laughed at the fact he is not using taxi in Odessa at all- his ladies drove him) Angelina stood out with her perfect English and many mutual interests. The couple met in a month after Robert left Odessa and relationships started growing very fast.

Nadezhda and Jamin, 2018, USA

Jamin took it serious, looking for his other half. He investigated about different kinds of marriage agencies in Ukraine and chose the right one, He had a list of ladies selected by him, and he corresponded with ladies before coming to Odessa. But Aleksandra the matchmaker had another lady for him on her mind.) When he came over actually, he met some ladies from his initial selection. In a couple of days Aleksandra introduced him to Nadezhda, who was not in his list. That was a chemistry from the first sight! He left Odessa with this girl in his heart, and when he returned in 4 months again, he proposed to Nadezhda. She said Yes! After Nadezhda came to USA after getting her fiance visa, they got married within the first month of her stay in USA. They are loving, caring and emotionally mature young couple!

Anna and John, 2014, USA.

At the time of her acquaintance with John, Anna was the 4th year student of the University and worked at the same time. She taught folk dances at a dance school. She dreamed of starting her own dance school and did yoga on the beach of the warm sea every morning. One fine day, one of her students who was our client, told her about our Center. Anna had a lot of doubts whether she should try it, but finally the arguments “FOR” outweighed the arguments “against”. A natural blonde with a sporty figure got a lot of attention from foreign men and didn’t hurry with the choice - "the main thing is to hit the bull's eye!" – Anna said. In six months, Anna received a letter from John, who she really liked. A yoga teacher, holder of his own fitness and spa center, he passionately dreamed about a child. In addition, John lived in Florida, and his house was located on the shores of the warm ocean. When Anna and John met in reality, it turned out, that both of them didn’t pronounce the letter L — they took it as a sign. They liked each other very much, and John invited Anna to Spain, where his parents live. The couple had a great time together, and a cheerful girl from Odessa really impressed John’s parents. They decided to marry after Anna’s graduation from the university. The couple had three wedding ceremonies: in Odessa, in Spain and in the USA. In 2013 was born the second baby of Anna and John.

Svetlana and Larry, 2015, USA

Svetlana is simple and extremely cheerful Ukrainian woman with Moldovian roots who moved to Odessa. Svetlana was thinking about contacting a matchmaker, but there wasn’t right moment for this. And one day, in one of the pleasant summer evenings, a beautiful girl came to our office just before the end of the working day: “Hello! Find a husband for my mother, please!” She was Svetlana’s daughter, who really wanted the mother finally meet her happiness. We talked about everything and the next day Svetlana had a photo session. Before taking pictures, Svetlana, among other things, said thoughtfully: "It seems it’s time to choose a wedding dress - I will get married soon ..." After that, Svetlana filled out a questionnaire where she wrote: "I would like to attract a man with an artistic mind. " But days went by and there weren’t any letters for her. Another woman would have faded and got upset, but it is not about our Svetlana. She daily called us to the office and was very vigorously interested: "Well, where is my betrothed, not found yet?" And what do you think: could he won’t be appeared with such a perseverance? Soon Svetlana received a letter and several photos from an intelligent American. Larry was one of the most successful American commercial photographers. Larry affectionately called Svetlana "My Mona Lisa" for her beautiful, feminine forms. The first visit to Odessa dotted the i's and crossed the t's. Soon the couple began to bother over the paperwork for the Bride Visa.

Angela and Bruce, 2011, USA.

Bruce is a successful software engineer from Florida. Bruce came to Odessa to meet several girls after their correspondence. It was his first visit to Ukraine to get acquainted with potential candidates, and he still didn’t really know how it could be and what to expect from meetings. In the questionnaire, he indicated that it was very important for him that a woman should be a Christian with God in her heart. However, after meetings with those two girls, it turned out that they weren’t such a jealous Christians, as they told in their letters - even though they really looked beautiful. That sunny October day Bruce was upset and walking along Odessa quiet streets, he dropped in our office to talk about disappointment after previous meetings and to discuss plans for the future. Suddenly somebody knocked on the door - Angela entered. She had been with us for 4 months by that time, but Bruce didn’t choose her for conversation. He didn’t like the photos, and they did not show her nature as she was in reality. He didn’t even read her profile. But alive it was a big difference! Bruce was so fascinated by Angela, that couldn’t look away. After her departure, he immediately asked me: “Does Angela believe in God?”. At the same time, we suggested him to look through her profile and to find out everything by himself. Bruce had no doubt in his feelings, and the first date was arranged in the same evening. Angela was a little bit embarrassed as Bruce came on a date with a large bouquet of roses and a box of fashionable perfumes, but after a little chat, she was convinced that Bruce had serious intentions. The couple had meetings in Odessa for almost a week, and just before leaving, Bruce made Angela an offer to become his wife. Their first child is 4 years old and the second is only 2. Together with Bruce’s children from his first marriage, a happy couple bring up 5 talented children, two of them are the World winners in playing musical instruments.

Galina and Herman, 2010, Germany.

Galina and Herman met according to the program, organizing meetings with men who come to our city. The couple hadn’t any prior correspondence, and Herman just went to Odessa for a personal acquaintance with women who would like him and who would become interested in him. Like many other men, Herman didn’t believe in online correspondence and he thought that it was better to meet a girl at once than to exchange hundreds of the most beautiful and gentle letters. And he wasn’t mistaken: during the first visit to our office he saw Galina’s photo in the catalogue and canceled appointments that had been scheduled earlier. The man liked Galina so much, because of her feminine figure with kind beautiful big black eyes. In addition to her charm, Galina knew a little bit German, which meant for Hermann the seriousness of her intentions. On the first date, the couple really liked each other. Herman went to Germany, but he continued writing to Galina, and after 5 weeks he returned and spent 10 days in Odessa. He met Galina's family here, and even helped her to organize the wedding of her eldest son. The next meeting was two months later in Germany. Galina took a vacation and decided to get acquainted with a potential candidate better and his family as well. There, during Galina's staying in Germany, Herman confessed his love to her and made an offer to become his wife.

Oksana and Gilles,2012, France.

Oksana comes from a small Ukrainian city, and with her appearance on the site, men began to notice how Ukrainian girls are feminine! Despite her young age, she was very purposeful girl. Oksana worked as a chief accountant for a large company, but this fact didn’t further success in her personal life, and more often wrong men appeared in her life. After registering at Adam and Eva and listening to training “My harmonious family”, Oksana reoriented the man’s internal search navigator and began to make perspective acquaintances. Soon after this, Gilles appeared on her horizon — a handsome, successful Frenchman, who was just crazy about Oksana. Their correspondence ensued quickly, and Gilles swamped Oksana with flowers and gifts. The girl, who was quite accustomed to the abundance of male attention, felt that Gilles wasn’t just a frivolous fellow or a seeker of short relationships and adventures. He was accurate in his statements and didn’t hide his plans. When Gilles appeared, Oksana realized that this maybe her second half. She prepared her family for a possible departure and informed her boss that it was time for them to look for a new chief accountant in advance. Gilles’ arrival dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's. A new page, which titled "Serious Relationships for Creating a Family" began in the life a wonderful girl Oksana. We are sincerely happy for this nice couple!

Galina and Andre, 2016, Holland.

Andre, being from Holland, lived in the USA, and in he was engaged in antique business in America. From a neighbor who married a girl from Poltava, he learned about how attractive Ukrainian women could be and decided to try his luck. He was very attracted to women with charm and the ability to dress beautifully. When he saw the photo of Galina, he immediately decided to write to her and to make an acquaintance. Due to the permanent employment, Andre couldn’t choose the right time to come to Odessa. But after a whole year of correspondence Galina insisted: “After all, business is just a work, but if we were going to build relationship, you should find time for a personal meeting! In addition, while I'm on the site, another, more agile man may meet me)". Andre understood the message correctly and a month later he decided to leave the business to his assistant, took the tickets and arrived to Odessa for two weeks. The couple liked each other, and they agreed not to part any more.

Alena and Nicholas, 2012, USA.

At the time of her acquaintance with Nicholas, Alena held a high position in the leading construction company in Odessa. She was completely self-sufficient person having a spacious apartment in a new building overlooking the sea, an expensive car, career growth, excellent education … what else she could dream about? But only her personal life didn’t go well. She wanted to be loved, to get married and to have a baby. Alena exchanged letters with different men and even met them personally in Odessa, but no one could break her heart for two years. And so, on the day of her 35th anniversary, Alena made a wish (she told about this after she has married): "Let my lover find me this year!". Alena is a Christian and she sincerely believes in God. Probably, her desire was a prayer addressed to the Lord - who knows. But the same day in the evening, the girl received a letter and congratulations on her birthday. It was Nicholas. Alena was skeptical about the correspondence and waited for the meeting. Nicholas arrived a month later and they liked each other. Alena felt the potential of Nicholas and became even more interested in him. After the meeting, the correspondence moved to another level. They wrote each other huge letters every day. In fact, this couple, built their correspondence connection and this is a very strong relationship in which people could know each other very well. Nicholas came to Odessa two more times while the documents for the visa of the bride were being prepared. And by the end of the third visit, Nick took a beautiful wife to the United States.

Olga and Pierre, 2009, France.

Olga came to our Center by mistake. She was looking for the next office but missed that door. First, she apologized and left, but in 20 minutes she came back and decided to fill in a registration form. When she was finishing to complete the last two sheets, one of our clients entered the room. That was Pierre, a man who had been searching for his wife for two years but couldn’t decide which woman would be better for him. When he saw Olga, who raised her huge green eyes on him, he froze on his place. The men stood for a minute without saying any word, just looking at the beautiful blonde. Then he pulled himself together and began to talk with Olga. The woman also liked Pierre. As it turned out in a short dialogue, Pierre and Olga’s son had the same hobbies. Pierre invited Olga for a date, and in the evening the couple were already walking around Odessa. The next day there was another meeting, then one more... Pierre extended his staying in Odessa and spent a whole month with Olga there. She introduced him to her family. The couple made a fascinating trip to places of sights around Ukraine. After returning to Odessa, on the way to the airport, Pierre invited Olga to visit him in Lyon, France. Olga went to France with her son. They spent 5 weeks with Pierre traveling through this beautiful country. A month later Pierre came to Odessa with an engagement ring for Olga. And the girl’s profile, as you guess, never appeared on the network.))

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