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transportationWhen you come to  sunny, stunningly positive, charmingly beautiful and just inspired city of Odessa, we want you to keep your good impression of our city forever. There is no room for negative experience. We do private transportation service from airport (railways station/bus station) just because we care about your security and protection. Let’s admit honestly - when you come to foreign land and don’t speak the language, it is very adviced to be on the safe side.

                                                                                       Why ordering private transfer service?

advantage sign sm  Security as #1 importance- our transfer service is the only safe way to get to your apartment securely and completely protected!

advantage sign sm  Guaranteed financial savings

advantage sign sm  Fast service – our friendly driver meet you at airport checkout holding paper with your name

advantage sign sm  No dangerous contacts - no secret that taxi drivers in Odessa dangerous and take advantage of foreigners in mostly shameless manner

advantage sign sm  English speaking stuff- on the way we help you with food shopping, calling your lady and even assist you with ideas for coming date

advantage sign sm  Professional service

prague-airport-terminal-2-meetingPlanning your trip to Odessa, remember to contact us in advance to order a private transfer. We strongly recommend not playing with fire thinking that your transportation in Odessa is not that big deal - it is not a big deal when you are protected. Stay fully responsible for your security and let us know about your arrival in advance, so we arrange private transportation from the airport right to your comfortable apartment, and back to airport when the day comes.

Our driver will meet you at Odessa airport holding paper with your name, this way you easily figure out who is meeting you. He drives you directly to your apartment and may assist with food shopping or other type of shopping on the way, as well as currency exchange (if it is not too late).


To give you airport (train/bus station) transfer service, we need such information from you:

exclamation png your full name (first and last name)

exclamation png your flight details (see your schedule)

exclamation png name of the airlines that operate the flight

exclamation png exact time of your arrival

exclamation png your contact phone number that you have with you on the trip.

Since sometimes flights might be delayed (usually flights from Kiev), so we keep a tract of your flight schedule via Odessa airport online landing board.

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