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How to order a special service we don't offer on the website?

Should you have a special request we don't feature in services menu? Simply email us your request and we do what it takes to satisfy you.

Do you want to be properly introduced to the lady and be sure she considers you?

You cannot travel to Ukraine wish to meet Her in your country?

Are you a public person and don't want your details to be emailed around?

Are you in relationships with the lady and want our matchmaker to discuss important things with her?

We have got a great quality of service for you.

We proceed with your request in a dedicated and secure, most effective way.

Be sure your request will be fulfilled properly. We advocate your request, and pursue it in ecological, natural way.

How special request service works?

  • We invite your lady to the office, so she can understand the importance of the moment
  • We send her our driver both ways, so she feels most respected and cared of
  • In the office, we offer her a cup of coffee or tea with fruits and candies, to set her in the right mood
  • Our matchmaker suggests her to look at the information of a special and such an attentive gentleman who chose a remarkable treat to be introduced to her properly. This gentleman chose to be introduced by matchmaker, not just sent his profile so you decide what you see there and what you dont see. We pass the information you requested, and proceed with your request in the most accurate way, making sure we did as much as we could to get the positive result for you

The reaction of ladies to such approach is positive in 90% cases. This way your chances to succeed increase multiple times.

Usually we talk to the lady aroud 1 hour, and you can be sure this is a very quality way to interact with the lady when you are back home. No phone call but a personal touch.She sees you are ready to go extra mile for your future relationships. Good start. Ladies notice special attention right away.

If this lady initially does not consider a man of your type and request cannot be fulfilled positively, we report immediately so you dont waste time.

Take the first step to new relationships now. Get a personal consultation with an expert matchmaker on Skype absolutely free!

We will gladly help you to choose the best way to search for your second half