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Please, read the information below attentively before making any reservation for your tour.

beautiful is a tour based company due to fantastic effectiveness of such business model. You can do years of writing letters, but we put it way more simple: come over and date! Hundreds of happy men experienced the power of personal matchmaking tours, and succeeded. Years of matchmaking experience and hundreds of  married couples just dont let us ignore this romantic experience! When a man comes to a beautiful city, dates beautiful ladies with similar intentions, they spend beautiful time together, it is easy to make the right choice. We encourage all our clients to plan their dating trip to Odessa on a practical basis, no matter if this is a far-prepared trip or a spontaneous decision. We make it is easy to choose a tour configured in accordance with your needs. Take advantage of variety of our travel plan basing on your preferences, amount of days and ladies you want to meet. Also, choosing your travel plan you decide if you want to get unique considerable discount on our professional matchmaker’s services (available to be used when needed even when you return home). Take our travel plan or compose your own romantic tour configuration.


advantage sign sm Personal touch. Our personal and not group tours service oriented on your needs, your choices, your requests, your matchmaking.

advantage sign sm Live and real communication. Personal meeting is the only way to find if she is meant for you. Virtual ways don't do that for you. 

advantage sign sm Right dating scenario. Leaving problems at home, meeting ladies here and considering them after, you make bright powerful real steps towards reaching your goal.

advantage sign sm Time and money saving. Stop writing to ladies who may not match you in reality. Date first - then start meaningful writing.

advantage sign sm Real chance to impress her. All men write letters and send gifts- but only few eventually come over. Be different and succeed!

advantage sign sm Only positive experience. Even if morning date was not successful, you learn about local ladies and keep on lunch and evening dating more informed.

succes next trip-300x170Several factors matter when you plan the trip and want to make it more rational and effective:  where you are from, previous dating experience with ladies from FSU, your expectations, beliefs and inner restrictions or freedoms  you may have when it comes to dating Ukrainian women. You may do more for yourself and mention this too when you choose your own travel plan - let us know about your special preferences. Contact our matchmaker for private consulting and make your trip more effective and result-oriented. Or - you may omit this, simple get tickets and come to Odessa- be sure to receive our services of highest quality, no matter which tour package you choose!

dinner togetherBasic “must- have” tour services advised to be ordered are: apartment rental, airport transfers and matchmaker consulting. First two are about your comfort and safety. When it comes to accomodation in Ukraine, only experienced companies have high standards to fit international travellers demands. In addition, the place to stay must allow your lady come to your place with comfort and without watchers eyes, to watch photos together or just have a cup of tea or cook together. This is essential reason why hotel might be not the right place to stay on romantic trip. In local culture, lady coming into the hotel with a man is fighting massive public censure and disapproval. This is something that serious and decent woman do not allow. Prudent choice of yours allows all you giant plans happen!  Protect your plans and show her care - choose one of our protected and fully equipped apartments. Transfers from and to airport are about safety - we want you to see only good side of Ukraine. Let us protect you from those choosing wrong income, with heavy concequences of war and economic failure.

The matchmaker consulting is third advised service is to increase effectiveness of your trip regardless of its duration. Usually men turn to our matchmaker's advice several times during their stay due to result-oriented approach of our matchmaker.
The general rule for all dating travel plans is- the more days of your trip, the more money you save. Check on tour packages and compare conditions and prices here.

compose your tourEach tour service is available to be ordered by parts, separately. Should you consider extra services besides already ordered, you may always add extra service for your convenience, at any time. Our tour packages were composed by us, considering years of other clients experience, statistics of successful marriages after, and feedback from our clients who got married as result of taking our tours. We do our best to let you benefit as much use as you can from our matchmaking trips. According to amount of days you want to stay we offer you reasonable statistics-proved extra activities. As you see, we don’t overload you with unneeded offers of meeting unlimited amount of ladies which never works anyway.  However, it is up to you if you wish to add more activities during your stay. Just let us know and we give you extra services for best discounted price possible.

By the way! Our clients often ask us: “Why do I get more value for money if I take your matchmaking trip rather than some other leading dating site’s tour? “ The answer is amazingly single: we organize the tour especially for you and we direct our actions to help you find your match, and not just to entertain you. Put it simple: we  offer you only activities that  bring you closer to your goal, and not just take your time. While the statistics of men actually married as result of joining other sites tours is less than 3 % (many reasons there but low result is what it is), we proudly boast with our 52% successful marriage (due to genuine approach that we provide). We gladly state that over the last 5 years as we started our revolutionary matchmaking program the success rate increased 3 times, which obviously prove success orientation of our matchmaking strategy. We do this service for serious marriage minded Western men and sincere Ukrainian women. Learn more about our professional matchmaker’s strategy here.

How to order a personal tour?

Choose the best personal tour plan here. If you want to choose other options for your coming trip, contact us below and tell about your plans and details you want to add. We will make calculation and a special matchmaking offer for you. Be sure - this offer will be too good to be rejected! 



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