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Mail forwarding service is recommended, if you plan to visit Odessa soon to meet ladies you write to. Ladies don’t believe in letters writing for a long time with little to vague perspective of real meeting. Our women are real and they seek real men!

In our agency, mail forwarding service is operated on a professional level with high standard of honesty and transparency. We value feedback of our clients and we know why many of you doubt about letters writing on other sites. To remove your doubts and make you confident of genuine service you get with us, we continue our past tradition providing you with scanned hand-written certificate of your letters delivery. New option- you may request a phone call record (in case the letter is delivered and response is dictated over the phone per lady’s request). Nowadays phone delivery/answers collecting is most popular due to business of ladies living in Odessa.

The very correspondence service itself is a very powerful tool if you want to get to know the lady better and even become a part of her life. In our agency ladies are advised to treat letters writing seriously. Ladies may be very interested, and ask all questions they want to know about a man. Writing letters back and forth may considerably help every man to prepare for the meeting duly. Our professional matchmaking translators make sure lady gives the informative response, to eliminate not informative letters exchange. We recommend men to ask ladies as much questions as possible. Please read our Letters Writing Tips to be better prepared.

                                                                      HOW MAIL FORWARDING SERVICE WORKS?

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Mail forwarding service is organized the way which is convenient both for men and women. Your letter is translated for your lady over the phone the same day when it arrives, the lady dictates her answer to our translator over the phone in Russian. After the letter is translated we forward you the letter back. Usually it takes from 1 to 2 days maximum for you to get the answer from your lady. Wer respect confidence of our clients, we wish you to use all of our services with peace of mind. For that, we have got the option for you to  request a phone call record (in case the letter is delivered and response is dictated over the phone per lady’s request). Our approach is based on years of experience, demands of present times and our desire to improve the reputation of this wonderful service in the eyes of western men. Both you and we know - with letters, video-  and phone-  calls you have true, authentic, real communication with your woman ( while online chat may remain virtual pleasure forever, even if you meet).

How to send a letter to the woman from our catalogue:

1Go to Ladies gallery.

2.   Find your woman by inserting her ID number into ID filter box, press OK.

3.   Choose button "Send letter" in her profile.

4.   Choose type of letter and proceed with payment,  Prices here

Or, you may put certain amount on your account, let us know about it and email us a letter for her. We will send you balance of your account each time you send  or receive a letter.

information png If you communicate with several ladies, try out cost effective Membership ( Read more here. )

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