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Adam-and is the only company in Ukraine that offers matchmaking services of premium quality and effectiveness. We implemented this revolution programm in 2009 and since then our success rate is growing, and is around 86% at the moment. 

How can this be?

Logical and easy steps of our individual matchmaking programm allow every man to take advantage of our matchmaker's massive experience. She makes sure you do what is effective for your search, and guide you comfortably and invisibly to your goal. 

1 set your prioritiesDear Gentleman, I am glad to meet  you in our Matchmaking agency "". We are known to be good at  having single western men married to genuine Ukraine ladies. Me and my colleagues put our detailed and rich matchmaking experience and individual approach as a base of our  professional style. Looking for a wife abroad is not that easy due to multiple factors that mater. My goal is to help you minimize your financial, time and emotional loss on your way to happy marriage. With my assistance you get the real chance to find a good wife.

Each of you has own vision of how your search must be organized. Some people base their own strategy on personal past experience, some – on friends’ advices, some – on information read on internet, etc. Sometimes strategies don’t work the way we expect them to, friends advices remain good only for friends and not for your personal life, past experience gives the same result that you get before, still being unmarried...

1 look for a wifeAnd here the time comes for professional touch, to make your search truly effective and result oriented. Sometimes people meet and it seems to them like they are already matched – but time goes and it gets harder and harder to overcome language, cultural, traditional barriers. Many couples, who sincerely want to make strong relationships and family in the future, turn to our professional assistance to help them with actually turning their good relationships to family. 

2 turn to trusted serviceThere are two major ways how our gentlemen can find a wife in our agency. If you feel like you don’t need a professional support and simply want to meet these ladies and talk and maybe if you like them with no feedback, no support or any special analysis of your time with girls in Odessa, you can just arrange dates and meet ladies. This is a very simple way, and this is actually how 99.9% of all FSU dating agencies still work.  Sometimes it works, often men return again and again and plenty of dates may give no result.

Our motto is “Do what you always did and you get what you always got”. If your ways give you results you want, it is  definitely right to follow your way, unless you want more rational, better to perfect results.

6 save time 2As the life becomes more busy with less time for building successful loving relationships leading to family, I get more and more clients who don’t want multiple returning tours to Ukraine. They just want to hit the target. It is very entertaining to come over to Odessa again and again, meet new ladies, get excited and spend a great time, visiting places and feel like you are surrounded with lots of best girls... There is time for entertaining and time for making a decision. Sometimes you feel like the time has come and you want to reach your goal. To do more, to be successful and actually get married… to try my personal matchmaking service.

6 save timeand moneyMy matchmaking service is for men who value their life time, emotional/ financial resources and are result oriented not only in their search of a wife, but in their regular lifestyle. We offer practical matchmaking assistance with most rational and effective approach to your personal preferences. Not only I can assist with choosing the right women to consider and even marry, but also to avoid disappointment and colossal time, financial and emotional loss. If you are used to trust practical professional experience to get the awaited result, welcome to my service. 

5 great dateMatchmaking is our agency’s most popular and just the greatest service we are proud of. My matchmaking service is based on personal approach and is always tailored to every client’s individual preferences and priorities. This is the only way to get a good understanding of my clients’ personality, life position, his expectations and plans for the future.  Since I personally interview every woman of the agency personally, I know them good enough to assist my clients with making the right choice. 

4 find your matchPlease note that such result-oriented service may require massive participation on your side too. Just our matchmaking interview will take you 1.5 hours. We will work in-depth together with you, to develop understanding, effective cooperation and trust for higher success rate of your expectations to find the right woman. This may take some time, but is definitely the most effective  way to organize your search till the day you find your other half, your soul mate and your lifetime match.

6 cupidWhen your search is over and you eventually find your perfect match, it is time to care about future of your international family. Cultural differences are gross and you cannot pretend you don’t see them. It is getting more obvious when the woman comes to your country. We keep close contact with our ladies –ex clients (ladies who got married to our clients and live abroad) . We care for their feedback  to improve the informativeness of  services we can give to our today’s clients. Nowadays we have got great variety of informative, interesting, humorous and easy- to- learn educational sessions on how to get over with cultural and educational, mentality and traditions differences with ease, smile and patience.  We highly recommend our intercultural educational support both to male and female clients, if you wish to learn how to find the easies way to adjust to each other cultures and traditions, avoiding irritation and disagreement.

7a  get married

During years of my matchmaking experience I assisted hundreds of men who choose my matchmaking approach and got their search completed. It is easy, affordable in price, effective in results, time and emotions saving way. Not only you open your eyes on what you really want out of your search, but you feel like you got to understand yourself better. My personalized scientifically based  attitude is like a lifeline for gentlemen searching for Ukraine wife.  Yes, it is not that easy to find a good woman for another 100 years of happy life. But after your make the right choice once, the life is changing at a glimpse of an eye, and new attractive horisons appear in your perspective!

If you want to try our matchmaking service, send me a message below with subject "Personal matchmaking". I will come back to you within 24 hours with additional information. Tell me more about your priorities in search, vision of best wife and ideal woman, and family values- share details you find important for your search of other half. I will offer you productive and efficient matchmaking program that works best for you at the moment, and help you on every step of your way. Ukraine ladies are best wives and most beautiful women in the world!

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