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1.    How can I be sure that ladies are serious on your website?

2.    I never used your services before, how can I trust your agency?

3.    What is your agency success rate?


    1.   Are ladies from your catalogue available?

     2.    I want to have kids when I get married, what age of ladies should I consider?

 .     3.   Why are these beautiful ladies looking for western men?

     4.    Are these ladies ready to relocate to another country? 

     5.    Are these ladies honest?

     6.     What does their English level mean?

     7.    I want to meet a woman who speaks great English, can you help me?

     8.     What is right age of woman for me?

     9.      What do ladies think of intimacy with men after we meet?

    10.    Are there some guarantees that we will get married?


1.  I want to find a woman, how do I proceed?

2.   How to arrange video date with the lady?

3.  How does personal matchmaking programm work?

4.  I want to send a gift to my lady for her special day, what should I choose?


1.  How do I see prices for your services?

2.   How can I pay?

3.   How to get the best price for your services ?


1.   I cannot login to my account, can you help me?

2.  Can you send me my login and password?


1.  How can I be sure that ladies are serious on your website?

a/  ladies pay to be our agency. This is actually unique step for marriage agencies in former USSR – still we decided to take this step, just because we want only seriously motivated ladies.

b/  ladies are carefully selected by agency experienced matchmaker before they go online.

We put a very close eye to every woman who comes to the agency, from the day she comes to our office.  Ladies come through long detailed interviews and testing, passport check, then we meet here again for photo session, profile composure, intercultural lessons for ladies. We have enough time to see whom we put online, and whom we say Good luck.

2.      I never used your services before, how can I trust your agency?

 I get these emails often from new clients which is good, it means I am talking to a thinking, critical person and not an infantile dependent man who expects the agency will make him married and do all the stuff.I always ask you gentlemen- be critical! Then scam will never happen in your life.

3 things to find a peace of mind regarding Adam and Eva matchmaking agency:

a/ is in Gold List of marriage agencies. The Gold list is a reliable source of information for considerate foreign gentlemen who read about agency before they go.

b/ We operates since 2000 and made more then 500 marriages. The agency was a part of greatly known network of honest agencies that really had people married.

c/ Our agency is not free for ladies. It is premium service and ladies pay here, not only you men.


3.      What is your agency success rate?

Read this carefully and help yourself.

All men who come to our agency since 2000 always somehow managed to fall into 3 main groups, each group fairly has different success rate:

Group 1 – Clients who don’t plan anything with us in advance, just come to Odessa and call our agency: “Hello, I would like to be introduced to ladies of your agency.” Yes, personal meeting is the only reliable way to know the person. And here the predictable scenario shows up: days in Odessa melt while ladies read your profile and consider your photos, asking our matchmaker how serious she finds you to be, and try to tailor their time during the day, just like all of us do when something unexpected happens. Familiar with that? Guess what the success rate here is, when not even all desired dates take place?

21% success rate here is still very good in comparison to approaches we don’t practice and which our clients know from their past experiences with other agencies. Many popular websites offer online chats and correspondence. Chats and letters allow only 3.5% success rate, just so you know. Well, our 21% success rate in this group is cool then!))  However, can I do better?

Group 2 – Clients who contact us some time in advance before they come to Odessa with us on romantic tour, and prearrange their meetings with ladies in advance, being introduces to ladies properly, revealing constructive attitude here.

Due to even simple attempts to plan time in Odessa the success rate 53%. The rule here is simple- the better planning in advance the better results you get here on the spot.

Still, there is a room for higher success rate… How to?

Group 3- Clients who use our matchmaker’s assistance to make their search really effective. I mean, REALLY EFFECTIVE.

What do they do?  Simple 5 steps.  Nothing special. Just a desire to be effective.

 Step A/ Meet our matchmaker on Skype to discuss right search strategy for you personally, taking into consideration your previous experience, expectations, life situations, plans for life and many other important aspects.

 Step B/ Join our personal matchmaking program

 Step C/ Pay membership online to communicate with ladies by video dates and letters

 Step D/ Book romantic tours to Odessa to meet ladies on face to face introductions

 Step E/ Come over to Odessa and complete their search.

In this group of clients success rate is 86%. Sweet 86%. Not too bad, right? Want to be here?

Send a request to our matchmaker and schedule your meeting on skype here.

Put it simple: Let us help you to get married!



1.     Are ladies from your catalogue available?

Every woman seen in our database is currently available and looking for her other half. We contact ladies weekly so only interested profiles are displayed.

2.    I want to have kids when I get married, what age of ladies should I consider?

 Choose 18-43, and if your lady is 40+ and already have kids, just read her interview line if she wants to have more children. Clients who want to create family with children are our main clients and we are very attentive to ladies in this respect. Many men choose ladies way younger just because they want children, at the same time ladies 30-44 are interested in kids as well. Today doctors can say to ladies +-40 how many more years they can plan kids. When your woman is closer to you in years, the family for your future kids will be more harmonious and saturated with exciting emotions, since parents completely understand each other and are both mature to raise happy loved children.

3.    Why are these beautiful ladies looking for western men?

To be honest, we dont take ladies who stress attention that they want to get married to a foreigner only. Good woman behaving naturally would consider good men from here and there- just a good man, not specificaly from this country and  this city.

Two objective reasons why ladies also consider foreigners:

a.       Not enough men. In Ukraine and Russia we dont have enough quality family-oriented men for every decent lady, while we have lots of good women who can make great wives for decent western men. For already decades of years we experience heavy gender disbalance, this social phenomenon is actually mentioned merely in all soviet movies.

b.      Known motivation of foreign men to create a family. We know here that westen men make caring husbands, stable providers and tender fathers for future kids, they respect women and seek lover, friend, life-partner in a woman. These are quite attractive reasons for ladies to try their luck out)).

4.    Are these ladies ready to relocate to another country?

We thoroughly explain women that with us they may find a man from another country to create a family. All ladies in our international marriage agency aware they will be introduced to men from abroad, and are ready to relocate if and when they find their soul mate.

5.   Are these ladies honest?

All profiles on our website are manually selected and approved by our matchmaker before they go online: ladies go through multi-layered testing and interviews (men who take advantage of our personal matchmaking programm have a clue what I talk about)))).

After such communication we see enough to approve her or not,  if we have doubts about her honesty and true intentions.

6.    What does their English level mean?

Level 5 –  fluently speaking no assistance needed after the first date

Level 4 –  handle conversation in English, may be limited in words, feels fine talking

Level 3 –  can handle limited conversation and mostly needs assistance

Level 2 –  knows some words and simple sentences, mostly needs assistance

Level 1 – knows basic words and needs assistance of a translator

7.     I want to meet a woman who speaks great English, can you help me?

You know that English is an easy language. Ladies need just several monthes to learn it after they meet their beloved. This is the only reason why I suggest to put attention mostly to their personalities and other important qualities for you. All ladies will learn English fast, it is a very simple language for Russian people.

8.     What is right age of woman for me?

You may notice that on our website you cannot find information about preferred age of men in ladies profiles.  We do this for important reason.   All the men have different plans for the future and different life situation at the same age. For example, a man of 42 y.o. can be two times divorced and have 4 children and not plan to have more kids – at the same time 42 y.o. man can be never married with no children and wants to have kids.  The same age but completely different situation. First man would probably consider lady closer to his age who already has kids and don’t plan more, while second men may consider ladies 18+ who want to have kids. Plans for life are more important then numbers in passport.

When it comes to older men considering younger girls, please note that the better you take care of your outer look and health the more successful you can be with young girls. We explain them what is waiting for them in the future with men of different ages.  Here ladies like when a man looks mature and good, take advantage of this fact. If she takes care about her look she definitely cares about the way her man looks. A man of 50 years old, for example, can pay much attention to the way he looks, and may look much younger his age, or- he may not really pay attention on it, so the look may be more than factual age. Visit our cosmetologist before the date and she will make you really fresh and shining.

NB! Needless to say  that taking  a very young woman as a wife, man also takes quite a big responsibility: such men have to stay young  and in good shape in the next 40 years, raising children  and enjoying life together with his young wife!)))

9.   What do ladies think of intimacy with men after we meet?

I only have serious ladies in the agency who seek a life partner and not shallow relationships. I explain them that being on the website lady has to be careful meeting men. Usually good woman is not too easy in taking her to bed, remember this. And be careful about it. Before you have those plans on your mind, better talk to me and after I ask you some questions it will be easier to understand if it is already a good time. I hope this will be useful information for you. Elena is a very good woman but she is serious, and not a shallow girl. Don’t scare her away if you really understand that she is very good potential wife.

10.   Are there some guarantees that we will get married?

There is no guarantee that a match will happen. It depends on both men and women. Please work hard and spend time with the woman, develop communication, and try to win her heart. But just like I said, guarantees - it is not about it. We may get married with the person and still there is no guarantee you will always stay together. But! If you are attentive and loving enough then you can be flexible and hard working in relationships, caring and courting, keeping your hand on the pulse of the relationships - and it will only grow and blossom, this I can definitely guarantee. So, answer your question by yourself: is there a guarantee that we will stay together and get married?



1.  I want to find a woman, how do I proceed?

There are three ways to meet ladies:

a.       Last call dating (we call it „lets try your luck out“) – simply come over to Odessa and call us to arrange the meetings with ladies.

Advantage: you actually meet the person in real life, see her eyes and decide if she is your match.

Disadvantage:  Most of time is wasted. Too little time to arrange all your meetings- ladies need to see your profile and photos before they decide.  Planning your dates in advance you can be sure that you will use all your time effectively in Odessa,  your dates will be well-planned in advance and ladies will be waiting to meet you at arrange a day and time.

If you are extremely lucky man: all the ladies will immediately find free time to meet you and cancel their plans right away.  Well, miracle happens- why not!) Sure, at least some of the ladies may be available.  Indeed- let's try your luck out!))

Important to know:  in general, usually ladies don't believe a man is serious in his intentions if he did not contact the agency in advance to arrange his meetings.  Let's put it simple:  if you don't care if you can meet them or not,  this leads them to the conclusion about low interest from your side. Why so? Just because they understand you cannot not to know about your plan to come to Odessa in advance, buying airplane tickets etc.  If you really want to have your meeting arranged,  the most natural way is to contact agency in advance just to plan your time for the meeting. 

                    b.     Traditional ( more effective ) way - to start correspondence with ladies, later come to meet them live.

Advantages: correspondence may be a good way to know the person ( if you know how to correspond effectively; but  if you dont know- contact us). Also – your dates will be planned in advance which help you to plan your time.

Disadvantages: you can waste a lot of time before you really find out if the lady is a good match for you initially, according to her major personality aspects and other important aspects of life. You actually come to meet her semi-blindly this way. Maybe yes maybe not.

                    c.    Recommended (highly effective ) way  is to choose Personal matchmaking programm.  to arrange yourself properly to be completely ready for every first live meeting before your arrival. Here our matchmaking assistance does the job to open your eyes on many things that seem minor or not seen at all, due to huge cultural aspects. This 3rd way foresees videodates with ladies of your choice and 2-3 mathmaking conferences before your arrival, with all our support regarding communication with ladies effectively- what to expect, how to get ready for the date, how to learn maximum during one date, what to pay attention to, etc.

First way works great for about 40% of all our clinets, if to look into statistics. Actually is classical way to get to know the person. If you are responsible and motivated enough, this way work very good for you too.

Second offered way is less expensive and less efficient, and actually includes only payments for arranged live meetings. On this way people make many mistakes just because there are so many things to consider and analyze, add difference in culture etc.

Third way includes great matchmaking assistance from us that saves a bunch of your time and emotions. Here you pay for videodates, matchmaking assistance ( exact amount for this I can say only after our first matchmaking evaluation conference) and then for live meetings, but only with chosen ladies AND only after analyzis of your videodates. The second way is definitely recommended if you value your time and emotional comfort more then money. Choose what looks best for you, and contact us for details!

2.   How to arrange video date with the lady?

You are very right to plan using live services like video date. This is the only way to start meaningful relationships with a lady whom attracted your interest

Let me know when you want to have a video with your woman ( give several time/day options), make the payment and we arrange the video meeting for you and the lady of your choice. Please mind time difference.

3.  How does personal matchmaking programm work?

Even the fact that you are just asking about it already makes you closer to your dream to make a family with good lady. Why?

-          I have great ladies for you whom I know personally

-          I have working algorythm how to arrange your search in the right way for you. 

For a start, you meet our matchmaker on skype ( odesa_135)  and you discuss which search strategy may work best for you. She offers you ways and approaches and you agree on everything with her.

Then, you agree on day and time for your matchmaking interview and testing. It lasts 3 hours with 2 5 min breaks and is very comfortable to go through. After it within 10 days you get her feedback and analyzis of the test. Matchmaker expects you to consider it within 4 days.

After it, you take a step that you agreed on with the matchmaker. Usually it is initial communication with ladies via video dates and letters and plannign your visit to Odessa. 

4.  I want to send a gift to my lady for her special day, what should I choose?

Just ask us what she likes, or read in her interview when browsing her profile. We know ladies personally, we can advice personal or preferred gift for her.


1.  How do I see prices for your services?

Please register for free and go to Services-Payments to check on prices.

2.   How can I pay?

We accept Visa/Mastercard, Western Union/MoneyGram transfers, cash.

3.   How to get the best price for your services while I am in Odessa?

Contact us in advance and take advantage of our romantic tour packages. Be sure to expet great success rate and save a fortune.




1.   I cannot login to my account, can you help me?

Send us that message that you received after you registered, and we activate your account manually.

2.  Can you send me my login and password?

Please go to 

 a/ Create your own account for free,

b/ store username and password for logging into your account,

c/ get a confirmation letter to your email (check spam folder too)

d/ follow the link in the body of the message you got from us,

e/ start browsing ladies profiles etc

3.  I did not get conformation letter to my email.

Contact us from email you used for registration, and we activate your account manually.

4.  Is  my profile with photos visible on your website?

No! Photos and information you send us or save on our website we use only to introduce you to ladies of your choice. You may see that on our website there is no page with men profiles, confidence is guaranteed.